We would like to welcome you to Somdirectory.com, the website that offers all Somali target based businesses the opportunity to bring itself on the forefront of their industry they operate in.

Somdirectory.com does not charge for any listing nor does it get any money from a third party for your listing. We are proud to offer this service for free to the Somali businesses and in particularly to the Somali community all around the world. We at Somdirectory.com understand the need of the everyday Somali customer and what they expect to get from the business they purchase something from. We will also be offering the top 10 of the most actual and most recent events within the Somali community and businesses. This includes a monthly top 15 of the most excellent Somali businesses around the world.

We appreciate the difficulty it can bring in just finding out the address or telephone number of a particular Somali business. With Somdirectory.com that is now all in the past, with just a few clicks you know where the business is located, you can see their phone number and what they can offer you. In some cases you can even get a feedback rating from the previous customers.

For all the Somali businesses out there, we encourage them to enlist their business details on our website in order to get the maximum exposure.

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